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Re: Caribbean, What works and doesn't

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Should mention like the low band width gribs on passage weather. Can get weather downloaded in a tenth of the time then with all the pretty colors and other unnecessary junk on the other sites. Helpful when WiFi is limited or you’re stuck using sat phone or SSB.
We have been using our ssb for that for a long time. Just had to renew my 10yr ham license. And it works almost everywhere if you can find a station. in the Carib we had no trouble and when we crossed we used a couple of stations in Canada and one in Fla all the way to Horta except for the last day. We downloaded twice a day. When we did the Black Sea we had a 3 day from Russia to Odessa and had a major front coming at us so we again downloaded twice a day just in case the front came in early and we had run and hide. We used stations in Germany and Switzerland (yea be beat it by 18 hours - it came in with 50+ winds) - When we leave Egypt we will use it for a Med crossing as we head north.

The question is if we cross back this year will we get a sat phone in Gib or just rely on our ssb. we'll see. As a winlink operator we love it but sometimes finding a station on our long distance is an issue but can be overcome with work and patience - love our ssb

There is one thing we do - we record the next 5-7 days in a notebook-- we record wind, wind direction and pressure - we then watch to see if there are changes and prepare according - does 5-7 out really mean anything - well I would not take it to Vegas but it is an indication but what is important are the changes over time and by recording we can see if we got something coming and how we can avoid it

Just our thoughts and opinion
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