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Re: Caribbean, What works and doesn't

Originally Posted by Melrna View Post
The cruise ship and freighter squeeze is hard to explain without a photo. ( I have it but can never figure out how to post photos here). Basically the cruise ship was on my forward port beam heading on an intercept course, the freighter was just behind me 1/2 mile away on my starboard side. I had already turned 60 degrees to port to avoid him when the cruise ship 20 mins later became a problem. Wind was 50 degrees off my starboard. It was either lay-up or have the cruise ship turn 10 degrees to pass off my stern, which he did. That cruise ship was also a problem for the said freighter because I heard them chat also. When the other 3 cruise ship came over the horizon and 2 more freighters also showed up it became quite the show. They were mostly talking on channel 9 and 14.

We have run across this multiple times crossing or in TSS in the Carib and Med and Black Sea. We always pick up the radio and call and we work it out. We all want to be safe and I could care less what ColReg says that I am the stand on vessel he is bigger and I am vulnerable - therefore we call - Only one time did the bid guy say sorry I can't move because he had issues too. At times have had worked our way though 3-4 vessels coming at us from various direction and we talk with all and everyone works it out. And when we are close to the wind we tell them we can move X deg but then will have to start our engine and they understand and worked with us.
Communications is the key - In fact funny story we were crossing the end of the Mona and had just come out of a rain storm and another on the horizon and cruise ship was coming at us and we were reefed down and I called the ship and said we are undersail at 50deg on the wind but could move if he wanted us to. He said yes I see you and said maintain course and position and he turned and we passed starboard to starboard and just before the pass he asked us a lot of info like where we came from - going to - we guessed he was giving his passengers a briefing so we gave him a complete run down - SoulMates got a lot of pics of her taken that day - OH and we apologized for not having full sails up as we were headed to the next rain storm - he laughed and said he understood --
All the big guys we deal with have been great an understand and work with us. COMMUNICATIONS is the key

Just our thoughts and opinion
Chuck, Patty and SVSoulMates
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