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Re: US citizen working on foreign-flagged vessels #2

OP if you do come back to read this, don't get angry please, I'm not even talking to you at all here. And best of luck to you in chasing your dreams, sincerely.

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
rely on their personal networks, relationships they've developed over the years, to get the jobs they want.
Yes I also am thinking that too

Getting work overseas from foreign owners may well be so vanishingly rare it probably works differently, but starting off here

with a question trying to overcome one of the hurdles by trying to prove the prospective employers are "wrong" in one of their more minor (to them) requirements,

seems like an inefficient approach.

I wonder if gaining all those requirements was done with this goal in mind from the beginning but without doing any research as to the job market, or how to go about starting on a job hunt?

Just having a unique combination of unrelated qualifications doesn't always translate into easily getting the intended position. I wonder what other types of maritime companies employ nurses, besides navies and cruise ships? School ships?

More likely to get a nursing job on US soil but in popular sailing locations, and then work out a work schedule that allowed for sailing say 3-4 months of the year, I would think that would be relatively straightforward.

I've dated a lot of nurses over the years since I was a teenager long ago, mostly non-USians living or wanting to live outside their home country, married one in fact!

There are very few locations in the world where nursing wages are better than here, and the qualification paperwork always needs a lot of effort to get "translated" to a new jurisdiction.

And to others deciding on what career dreams to pursue: if yours is an unusual combination, doing this sort of research before starting to acquire the qualifications, would be a **really** good idea.

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