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Re: Masthead tricolors

Originally Posted by SanderO View Post
As far as I know there is no agency that certifies the sea worthiness of recreational vessels... including safety, navigation and communications equipment. Autos have to pass a state inspection. General aviation planes have mandated inspections as well I assume.

I don't oppose either having guidelines and or a periodic inspection. I see only and upside for the minor inconvenience.

Presently this is all left to either the manufacture... and they don't provide this equipment... or the owners and so do and some don't. Maybe sailing associations and schools have a checklist? But not everyone is a member and not everyone has attended and received their literature.

We have sailed to over 47 different countries and had a few inspections - not a lot but a few. Wintering over in Israel we got a 90 day you can stay - but we are wintering over so after 90 days we had to go to the gov't, fill out some papers, given a list of what we had to have, and then a guy came to our boat for an inspection. He was really good and one look and he knew we knew what we were doing and had all the stuff but did a quick let me see this or that. That gave us another 90 days and if we want to stay long we have to have a more complete exam.
All commercial boats - the guy next to us takes paying people for a couple of hour sail - has to have yearly inspections. Other boats have to have an inspection every 2 years.

As for op and masthead tri colors - you can have them in Israel but unless you have the ones on the bow and stern you will not pass inspection.

Just our thoughts and opinion
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