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Re: Do not pick up illegal migrants in the Med!

Originally Posted by Rmaddy View Post
The question isn't so much what would you do if you came upon refugees dying on a raft at sea, but rather what would you do if you and your family lived in a place so terrible that the prospect of dying on a raft at sea was not a deterrent to giving it a shot. Refugees are not "illegal". They are refugees. A little compassion out there on your private yacht.
This is an important perspective to inform one's decision making. Also consider that at least one of the people on board may be a trafficker of people. That guy presents the greatest threat.

I ran across an interview on Youtube last night (cant' get to the link right now) of a middle aged couple who encountered a skiff with 11 people on board between Spain and Algeria. The skiff rammed the sailboat in an attempt to forcibly board with three. One was successfull and two fell overboard. The skiff's engine died preventing additional attempts. The one that successfully boarded was not hostile, but who knows how they would have been if all three had boarded, they could easily have imposed their will over the crew. Desparate people doing desparate things.

Rescue was coordinated and it had a happy ending. But it could easily have gone very differently. Compassion can be a dangerous thing.
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