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Re: Do not pick up illegal migrants!

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
What makes you think you would be allowed to radio the coast guard?

On this sinking raft is 30 people including 10 babies and children under 10 some of which are in the water hanging onto the over crowded raft. You see at least 1 dead body floating in the water. On the raft are at least 5 women in high distress, and at least 10 men distressed and who's only thought is to save the lives of their families.
The adults know if they are returned to the previous country they will be shot.
To kill you and your wife and crew so they can get to asylum safely means nothing to them.

What do you do?

Take them on board where you risk your life?
Ring the Coast Guard/Navy? They say you are in International Waters and you are not to bring them into their country.

What do you do?
You could throw them a few bottles of water and notify the U.S. Coast Guard . . . and if you have plenty of floatation devices, you might be able to throw those to them, to help save their lives, but I wonder if that would make you an accomplice, like a coyote, for assisting them to cross the border illegally.
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