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Re: Do not pick up illegal migrants in the Med!

Originally Posted by capta View Post
I certainly would not put a 50-foot boat into a position where 100 plus panicking people had the ability to clamber aboard. It wouldn't save any lives and probably cost the crew of the 50 footer theirs.
Compassion only goes so far and if one cannot make any difference in a situation, then it is best for all to call the authorities and not get involved. From everything I've read about these Med catastrophes, every person has a pfd of some sort, so jumping in thoughtlessly is probably not the best course of action.
It's a lovely dream to come alongside a boat loaded with desperate people and offer safety to children and women if there is room, but in reality, human beings generally will ignore civility in order to save their own lives at the cost of any others.
There is not a very fine line between being a responsible captain and a compassionate person. Safety of the captain's vessel and crew always come first.
I find this viewpoint interesting, coming from someone who sails for a living somewhere where he may actually come into contact with suspicious boats. Whereas folks who sail on inland lakes/in Canada and have zero chances of encountering migrant boats, are more apt to claim that they could never pass one without offering assistance. I guess distance does make the heart grow fonder/braver.
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