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Re: Outboard Engines Limit

Originally Posted by Chas H View Post
If you anticipate running the engine for an extended time period on your first run home, take plenty of fuel and a known quantity so you can measure consumption and get to know your new to you engine.
Same with oil. Make sure you carry some to top off.

On a new-to-you engine, you probably should take the time to learn its habits...

Run 1 hour, check too see if oil consumption is noticeable. (Probably not.)

Run 5 hours, check oil.

Run 10 hours, check.

As others have said, if you're running 50% power (well, 25%-75%) it ought to go non stop virtually forever. (Yes, you probably should stop every 100 hours to change the oil, or whatever your mfr recommends.)

If you idle too much, you may gunk up the plugs but new 4 strokes seem to have fewer problems with that than old 2 stroke engines did. On the other hand small 4 strokes sip so little fuel (carb jets are so small) that they are sensitive to old or contaminated fuel, and varnish deposits.
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