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Best laid plans...
I am 71, have loved sailing all my life. My wife of 35 years succumbed to cancer 4 years ago and we often talked of going together. Also she said if that failed she did not want me to be alone like she was before we met. She called me her landlocked sailor as I gave it up to be with her.
I sat by her side for the 3 months it took for her to pass at home under hospice care and pain medication. It was painful but I feel I followed her wishes.
Our plans were for me to carry on and find a new mate and go back to sailing.
However, during my depression her daughter (from a previous marraige) whom I treated as my own managed to cheat me out of our 2 houses, all my personal belongings, and half my liquid assets.
I went on to find a woman who knew all the right things to say, married her a year later and after she spent the rest of my money; moved out of my bedroom and refused further intimacy.
I saved a little and moved to Florida still in pursuit of sailing but on a much smaller scale. That said, Costa Rica banks refused to acknowledge my request to wire money to my US bank (claiming they did not understand) so I had the money in cash on my person. Checking into the hotel in Saunders FL, a young man took off with my jacket containing my money. He was caught but not before the money disappeared.
To start from scratch on FL with only SS is harder than I anticipated, especially at my age. So seems the end of my sailing dream.
I am currently at my brothers in Utah and although I dream of resuming my quest (though it seems doubtful with my current situation) I find myself often contemplating the end and cursing myself for being too trusting of family, friends, and people in general.
Why would anyone want to prolong this struggle to be happy or try to follow a dream.
I used to be a loving, trusting, romantic until life smacked me with a crowbar.

Trust no family member where money is concerned and the government only when you can die to avoid them.
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