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Re: Boat People Scum

Until recently the city of St. Paul didnít have municipal trash pickup. Each homeowner had to contract their own, which meant that in some parts of the city there were as many as six different trash haulers. Instead of one truck a week coming down the alley, sometimes youíd have several trucks in the same day. It was inefficient and stupid.

They finally switched to a municipal system where the city contracts one hauler per area and you pay the fee on your water bill. Itís simpler, costs are lower, and thereís less heavy vehicle traffic which means less noise and less alley repair.

But wow did some people get mad. People wrote furious letters to the editor complaining that they make very little trash and just take a bag to the store once a week, so they didnít see why they should have to pay.

Such cognitive dissonance. They recognize that trash removal costs money; thatís what theyíre complaining about. Yet they feel that a store should provide that service to them for free.

In the case of this Publix, Iím sure theyíre more than happy to provide trash as a loss leader for your grocery business. Youíre not taking up a parking space, and their parking lot probably costs more to maintain than their trash service.

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