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Re: Non Racing Sailors

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Painting all racers with such a broad brush based on your experiences negates your experience.

I am sure there are quite a few "Wyatt Earp" large boat operators as well as navigators. Maybe even some of their fopahs have been documented as they crashed into other ships or fixed objects like rocks. I would not expand that to mean all large ship seaman are less than competent bullies using their large ships to demand the right of way. I have been bulldozed out of the way by a few tugboats pushing barges as they charge through groups of fishing or sailing boats on the Chesapeake when a small course deviation miles before would have seen them cruise the edges of them.

My experience has been the contrary with both groups being poor seaman or rules followers . Most exercise courtesy.

Racing in most cases I have seen ultra teaches most sailors the rules of the road. The first being of course safety of your crew as well as a other boats,

Many large ship seaman have great manners as both boats share the same waterway together. I have talked to many captains over the VHF on the Southern Chessie and off shore when contacted by them when we have crossing paths. Most are extreme professionals and make suggestions as to their or my boats movements to avoid any possible collisions.

Sounds to me you thought you as. commercial vessel believe you had ultimate rights of the water with small sailing vessels you contacted, thus your apparent bitterness to a few instances where a few racers crossed your path bringing out your ire.

Personally I don't force a larger less navigable ship to charge it's course in close quarters.
I don't know whose post you read, but it wasn't mine. I said the colregs get forgotten or ignored "at times". It's true. They do. I myself race. I have worked at a couple of the biggest yacht clubs in Canada. I know what happens.

I am not sure whose eyes you ultra defensive guys are trying to pull the wool over, or maybe you just haven't seen how the big regatta interact with shipping and cruising traffic?

Maybe I struck a nerve?

Deny all you want. It happens. A lot.
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