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Re: Realistic expectations for my house batteries

Originally Posted by mbianka View Post
I switched from diesel to electric auxiliary propulsion in 2008 and am still not seeing the need and expense to go to Lithium. My house bank is two group 27 Gel Cells that are still going strong after 11 years. I used Gel Cells because that was one of the two choices my Pro Mariner battery charger offered for charge profiles. The other was for Flooded Lead Acid. I think the main reason why my house batteries have lasted so long is because they have never been charged by anything but the Pro Mariner charger and a solar controller. Never from and engine driven alternator.
Here's something I never understood: I understand that Lithium batteries make sense for cars etc because of the weight and energy density.

But for sailboats? We CRAVE weight, the keel of my boat is a blob of lead that is literally heavier than the rest of the boat.

Why don't we build a keel out of the cheapest, heaviest lead acid batteries and all go electric? Yes we need to make sure it does not flood but we are pretty good at making things waterproof (like boat hulls).

Maybe this is a topic for a separate thread?
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