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Re: Realistic expectations for my house batteries

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I don't know about craving weight, but keel boats certainly have tons of weight intentionally added for ballast. I get the desire to swap it for something with dual purpose. I think there are two limitations for adding batteries to the keel. Nothing on a boat is actually waterproof, including the hull. We all get some sort of leak eventually. Further, no two keels are alike. This would make manufacturing efficiency very difficult and very expensive.

It would be nice to see an effective long range electric solution, but it's not in the cards with current technology. Actually, most of the advancements in both batteries and charging (solar/wind) have been in manufacturing efficiency, not storage capability. The energy density, therefore storage of potential energy, of carbon based fuels can't be beat so far.
Is it really more complicated to make something waterproof than developing a completely new battery technology (and pay for it)? Including all the safeguards to prevent them from blowing up?

As for 'no two keels are alike,' you could make the same argument for everything. No two cars are alike. Still, there are modular designs (not only batteries but everything, motors that lift your windows, air bags, everything) that work in many different cars. Why not design a boat with a hollow keel and fill it to capacity with something like 8Ds?
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