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Re: Realistic expectations for my house batteries

Originally Posted by MastUndSchotbruch View Post
Is it really more complicated to make something waterproof than developing a completely new battery technology (and pay for it)? Including all the safeguards to prevent them from blowing up?

As for 'no two keels are alike,' you could make the same argument for everything. No two cars are alike. Still, there are modular designs (not only batteries but everything, motors that lift your windows, air bags, everything) that work in many different cars. Why not design a boat with a hollow keel and fill it to capacity with something like 8Ds?
Yes but that's a boat design / mfg issue.

It would take an innovative maker to do it.

99% of boat buyers do not consider living off grid for long periods of time.

Most get back to shore power quite frequently.

And the "waterproof battery bank" that continues to operate under a flooded bilge, well that is not trivial, not in the boatbuilder's wheelhouse, at all.

I think it's possible to create that, aftermarket to suit any boat, have some ideas along those lines if you start a new thread.

But no, just adding more weight is not a universal improvement. The naval architect designed the optimum, and 99% of off-grid cruisers are already loaded way heavier than they intended.
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