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Re: Realistic expectations for my house batteries

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
None of us likes to throw money away for just the sake of it. Cavelierly saying it's simple begs whether you chose to take a simpleton approach.

Since my AGM historically have lasted 10+ years their cost the ffectiveness equals 3 replacementnts of wet cells. Not to mention the time and aggrevation of replacing batteries 3 times intear of one and the costs associated. AGM take charge more quickly than wet. AGM don't loose their charge over winter like a wet would. Never require constant filling with DISTILLED water ( hidden expense and again time and effort) AGM you don't sorry about battery acid leaking. AGM can be laid on their sides to mximize battery cabinet space.

AGM have downsides also.....but are wet cells simpler....not hardly.
My experience with AGMs (now 9 years old) is similar to chefís. Because of the charge retention, that means you donít have to remove them over the winter or periodically charge them during an extended haul-out. Since these things are heavy (~66 lbs for each of my 5 batteries) so leaving them in place is a real advantage over liquid cells.
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