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Re: Sails for light winds

Originally Posted by SailingUphill View Post
For those who are interested, putting anything bigger than a 155 will incur a significant penalty in PHRF racing. He'd be much better served with a light air 155 (light material). As 155 is the max size allowed under the standard rating.

As others have stated a code zero technically qualifies as a spinnaker (which means its legal use without penalty under PHRF) which is why they exist at all, because for practical purposes a code zero is less "useful" as a sail for regular use (given the tight wind angle/range they are good for) a drifter or an oversized genoa would make more sense.

From an PHRF racing standpoint, and ironically because there are so many of them made, the Cat 22 is a kind of one-design boat with very strict rules from the class association. It'd behoove one to check with the association to see what people have found to work (which I'd wager is a light material 155 for upwind light air work). Downwind, its no contest. Spinnaker, and get that swinger up.

A Catalina 22 can be quite competitive in PHRF with the right skipper, and some attention to drag.
Having a spinnaker variant (symmetrical, code zero, gennaker, etc.) does not change your PHRF rating unless you use it in a race. In by case, we have 2 PHRF ratings: one for spinnaker and one for non-spinnaker. When we raced (many years ago) is was just 2 of us and racing with a spinnaker with a short crew was not realistic, so we only used the gennaker when cruising under light air conditions and particularly on long legs on a reach.

That minimized use of the “iron genny” and made for a more relaxing sail. Since we were not racing, we didn’t push the limits of the light nylon sail, so it remains in virtually new shape after a few decades.
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