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Re: Working with sellers who refuse a pending survey contract

Originally Posted by ApparitionS View Post
I’m pretty sure the “owners” dead or about to be. I think it’s being handled by the family. Like I said, details are kind of murky but I think it’s an estate type sale. I hadn’t considered title issues as I haven’t bought anything from an estate but that was some solid information as well. Regardless it didn’t seem to me, based on me being a 3rd party getting second hand info, that the seller, whoever they are, was interested in any type of survey by a pro. That’s why I thought it was strange and posted in the first place. I’ve never heard of that and thought it was pretty standard fare to do in this price range. Investing 25k is significant for regular people I would think and surveys, if anything, give the buyer a warm and fuzzy (or not) that they’re not buying a disaster. I’ve bought boats with no survey but I can usually spot the “hahaha you’ve got to be kidding” kind of issues that cost big $$ to repair. The friend who called me, well, it’s his first boat......I had given him advice on the “right way” to buy an old boat, which is pretty in line with everything everyone else has said. When he called me and said the seller wouldn’t do any kind of contract pending a survey, I was baffled.

Anyway, I asked that he hold off on anything and I’m going down either next weekend or the next. Sometimes things that happen in this world absolutely amaze me...I’m told but those older and wiser that it keeps getting better too lol.
I have seen this before. the seller of an estate does know how it works with boats and is threatened when they hear the word surveyor. I was involved with a seller like that and he just needed to be educated in the ways of buying a boat. he said now he understood why other buyers never can back to buy. they start out with the hard core want it or don't you and a year latter are begging someone to buy it.

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