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Re: Me & My Collection of Project Boats

Thanks for the welcome!

Originally Posted by gamayun View Post
Do you sail them, too?
If I've got a crazy bit, it's that... I haven't actually been out saiing in any of them yet. Last major repair on the O'Day is a three inch crack where the prior owner let it sit on a cocked bunk, so the edge of the 2x4 was pressed up against the hull, bad point load instead of spreading it across the face of the bunk. Probably would've been fine, if they hadn't let the cockpit drain hose go, too, or if they had bothered to throw a tarp over it. Y'all can picture what happened next... hull and cabin fill with water, bunk cracks the hull, and enough weight on the trailer to bend the frame a bit.

The Tylercraft came with a set of stands (those ain't cheap, even used), as it tends to hog in storage. I'll use the stands to get the O'Day off the trailer, get the hull repaired, and the steel frame on the trailer straightened and reinforced. I've already done some fiberglass work on her... cabin drain being broken soaked the plywood backing for the rudder gudgeons. It's more backing than coring, but the process was the same: cut out the fiberglass skin, chisel out the rotten plywood, and replace the now missing fiberglass, making sure to bevel the surrounding fiberglass and fair in the new fiberglass.

Opted to use epoxy instead of polyester for the hull repairs, so I'll have an excuse to paint her instead of replacing gelcoat. The thought of color matching gelcoat gives me the willies... I've got more engineer in me than artist, and matching colors is definitely an art. I'll likely just use Rustoleum Topcoat to paint her, seeing as she'll be trailer sailed.

Oh, I'll drop the swinging centerboard while I'm at it, too. There's at least one good notch taken out of it by previous sailor.

After that, I'll definitely be sailing them. It's my end goal. Wouldn't be much sense otherwise...

Originally Posted by Arcb View Post
Welcome, I am big on kayaking and sailing too. Decided to combine the two. Now I have both a sailing sea kayak and a sailing tandem kayak so my son and daughter can come with me.
Been tempted to try a sailing kayak, but most of the paddling I do is on the Mohawk River in Upstate NY. There's a few straight stretches where I might be able to get enough wind to sail, but there aren't many. Maybe if I hit Saratoga Lake...

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