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Re: Me & My Collection of Project Boats

Originally Posted by Arcb View Post
No problem kayak sailing on rivers, one of the best places for it in my opinion.
That video looks mighty cold . I really gotta get me a drysuit one of these seasons...

It's got me thinking, though. Wouldn't be too hard to build a mast step into a skin on frame. Place a former or two in the right location (gonna need some math to figure out where), build the step on top of the keelson, and use the same method for sewing the coaming in with a small ring to support the skin where the mast exits the fuselage. I'm thinking another build in the future .

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
Welcome to SailNet. I too am a fix up rather than through away type myself...

Good luck with the fleet.

Thanks! I'd heard the same with regards to all three, though there does seem to be a crowd of folk suggesting I start out on the dinghy. They might just want to see me get soaked a few dozen times, though . I did pick up a junior sail for it, on the off chance I do decide to keep it rather than donate it... couldn't hurt to take it out a few times before making the decision, too. Ethics says I ought to test those repairs I made, myself. The O'Day gets a lot of rave reviews, as well, and there's a decent group of folk doing the rOnDAYvous out in CT every year.

As to the Tylercraft... I spent all winter researching twin keels and reading all I could. Opinions are all over the place... everything from "There ain't no good twin keel" (with apologies to Hal Bynum and Dave Kirby) to Hunter claiming their twin keel designs being almost as efficient as their fin keels *shrug*. Only things folks seem to be able to agree upon: twin keels don't make any given design faster; a lot comes down to the sailor, not the boat. The secondary features to the twin keel sound nice, but whether they make up for any loss in performance... well, suppose I'll find out when I sail her. It's also been mentioned that I might do some good by fairing the keels to a proper NACA airfoil; might also be that would simply be putting lipstick on a pig.

Best case scenario, I'm happy with it. Midline: I sell it off and recoup (some) of the refit costs. Worst: I market it as a playground for some redneck kids on forty acres (being unable to sell it otherwise) after stripping her, sell off the nice galvanized tandem axle trailer that came with it, and I eat the repair costs as an educational expense.

I've used regular Rustoleum on my skin on frame kayaks... haven't been exceedingly happy with it, but it's outperformed everything else I've tried. Can't see putting it on fiberglass, though, when Rustoleum makes their TopCoat product and it's not exceedingly expensive.

Gimme a few years, and I'll report back!
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