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Re: Tether overload protection

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Oh, I can answer this!

In general: pay the least for gear while you are doing lessons. Because it maybe the last time you go sailing.
If you do go crewing after your course your skipper will have tethers.
If you buy your own boat then you need to take a but more care.

Tethers will degrade (mostly) by 3 things:

Like a seatbelt 1 car crash and you should replace it.

Unless you buy a tether new you don't know if it's been left in the sun for months, or if it's been stressed.
So when you buy your own boat you should upgrade to a new one but this one is fine while you're learning.

As a tip: Wichard are very good but are expensive. There's gotta be more economical but still safe brands 😊
I already own a boat, so I hope it's not my last time sailing when I do my next level of classes.

The Wichard tether was the only one at the consignment store that looked at all worthy. The others were only 2 point tethers, and faded, so generally looked like something I wouldn't want to trust my life to.

I'm not attached to the brand, except to try to improve the one I have by buying new webbing for it, if necessary.

I am going to buy a brand new harness, and probably won't buy a Wichard because there are others that will do the job just fine.

After watching a YouTube video on the testing of tethers, I'm fairly certain that if I fall off the boat attached to a tether, I'd better have a sharp rigging knife at the ready so I can cut myself free. It looked like a sure-fire way to drown. I'm assuming the only way a tether would save my life is to keep me on the boat in the first place. Barring that, the skipper had better be really good at stopping the boat on a dime or I'll drown at any boat speed above 2 knots.

But, at any rate, the tether is required for Coastal Passagemaking so I'm getting it.

On my own boat, I need to rig the jack lines so I won't go overboard. If I'm single-handed, the skipper will be me.

I'm going to order that $100 tether now...
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