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Re: How to find a rudder design?

tallsip, if you aren't lucky with dice and don't want to totally bodge the job (at a high price) then try to contact the builder or designed and find out what the rudder had been designed as. Otherwise spend the money on a naval architect or designer. It will be cheaper than getting it wrong--which is VERY easy--and then having to redo the job multiple times until you can it right.

Similarly on the prop. If you can't figure out what the transmission is, get a mechanic who can figure it out. You will need to know the engine, the transmission, and the weight of the vessel before a prop shop can even guess at what you need, and even then it may not be right on the first try. The same mechanic or prop shop can probably tell you what kind of shaft you need, and whether that also needs a shaft log and support, and just how long it should be to keep the prop clear of the hull and rudder.

"Close" is good enough for horseshoes, but you will find it often is simply an expensive mistake on something like a 100' long ship. Things come back to bite you, if they aren't right the first time. And finding good help is not easy--at any price.
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