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Re: First Timers Looking for a Short Trip..

Welcome.... Interesting proposition. However, I can't see you'll find many takers for a number of reasons. Here are a few.

Most cruisers who are not chartering are not legally allowed to take people for hire. So the money exchange thing enters murky legal waters.

I don't think most cruisers would need the cash your prepared to pay... paying your way. They've pretty much worked out their finances.

Most cruisers are leery about taking anyone who has no experience on their boat for anything but a day sail. You as crew is an unknown... will be be helpful? Will you be "in the way" or require attention or be a distraction? Will you need to be "entertained" or watched for any number of reasons? And of course being on a small boat for a week or two requires you get on with the crew or passengers. It's like... inviting strangers to spend a week in your vacation home. People invite friends... not strangers.

Cruisers will worry that you may break something... or hurt yourself... so there will be orientation class... to be on their boat. For many this is a worry... more than a pleasure. Charter boats are providing a paid for service and all of this goes with the territory.

Cruising boats are generally of a size... usually without accommodation for several guests... they're small to begin with and can be crowded. While there may be places for sleeping a group.. it starts to feel very crowded fast.

Being landlocked makes it hard to find a sailor to befriend who might take you out for some day sails. They might want company... or appreciate helpful crew. I haven't a clue how you can make such friendships from where you are or even if you lived at the seaside. Possible but difficult. But sure older sailors might appreciate young strong help.

You're in a tough place... interested in sailing with little access. A structured learn to sail program might be the way to go... Take a holiday... learn to sail... get on some boats.

Good luck!

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