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Re: Female ASA Instructors?

Originally Posted by Scandium View Post
This is basically what the issue is. For most straight males sexism is just the overt kind and something nasty psychos do (wife beaters and such) not "normal guys" like them (us, since I am one). This ignore the subtle, sometimes subconscious kind that is especially rampant in male-dominated fields. Talking down to women, "mansplaining", addressing the man and ignoring the women in a couple, assuming women are ignorant or uninterested, etc. This of course often ends up being self-fulfilling as the women will not be particularly interested in anything where she is treated this way.. I have thought male-dominated sports myself and had to constantly evaluate my behavior to avoid doing these things, and sometimes I fail as it is so ingrained in our culture. Not to mention that even today girls from a young age are taught to be less assertive, and that technical things are "not for them". Of course I don't assume you'll agree, or even acknowledge any of this but thought it post it for others.
No I don't agree with much of what you wrote. I have never been sexist. Don't do mansplainin... and don't ignore the female half of a couple... ever. I do explain things I understand to any HUMAN who doesn't understand... and wants to learn.

I don't participate in any sports and stopped after little league. I don't attend to follow spectator sports for a number of reasons and one of them being the macho hyper competitive aggressive nature of team sports. I played tennis for a while not to win... but for the exercise. I don't go for guys hanging out and drinking and acting very male/sexist... at the local bar or at a yacht club.

But this thread is not about me or you... but about sailing school instructors... As far as I am concerned... an instructor that does not treat males and females the same should not have the job. PERIOD My grand daughters are bring brought up to believe that boys and girls are equal but different. One of my grand daughters is like me... she does gymnastics for the joy and to compete only with herself.... just like her grandpa sails.

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