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Re: Polyurethane foam insulation

Originally Posted by Pasadena View Post
Yes, I plan to smooth the surface with epoxy, then 5 coats of interprotect 2000E then 3 coats of interlux antifouling.

That part I can do, it doesn't worry me too much. But I think, I would want to try to get as much cabin foam out as I can, to at least minimize the hazard.

I am asking the owner about the exact type of foam used to do further research. It is Polyurethane, but maybe there is a version with retardant that I don't know.
Fire retardant treatments for PU does exist, but usually only improve (slightly) the ignition and flame spread properties. Once involved in a fire it does little. Don't quote me on this since I haven't studied furniture fires in a little while, but as far as I know the improvements are pretty minor. The retardants used also contain bromines or other toxic chemicals so now the fire effluents are even worse (probably matters little since you'd likely be dead if you inhale significant smoke in a boat anyway). As you said polymers also release HCN gas which can increase CO uptake and knock you unconscious at low concentrations, much lower than for CO. Again if you breathe enough that this is an issue it might be too late anyway, though not always. In fire investigations we do look at HCN concentrations in victims.
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