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Re: Polyurethane foam insulation

Originally Posted by Scandium View Post
Sorry I'm not terribly knowledgeable about fire testing of products so I don't know about that one. It appears that refers to classifications that allows exposed installations in attics and crawl spaces, without an ignition barrier. How safe does that make it in a boat? Can't say, unfortunately. It does sound like this is not the intended use of the product (if it's exposed on the inside walls of the boat?), but how much that increases you hazard I don't know. The manufacturer claims it will "self-extinguishing when flame is removed", but without knowing what kind of flame that means little. I suppose you could always call Touch 'n Seal/dab and ask what they think about this install. It does sound a bit strange..

It appears that Touch ‘n Seal and Touch ‘n Foam are two different products. Foam is the stuff you spray around windows and should not be used to insulate walls. Seal is for insulating attics, and is the fire rated one. I assume that's what the owners used.

Would I buy the boat? Not sure. It's well insulated at least The foam is claimed to be safe. I'd definitely get some smoke alarms, and be extra careful with ignition sources. (check your wiring if it runs behind/inside the foam!)
Thank you very much Scandium, It's a great idea to contact the manufacturing company. I think that regardless of is safety, I should try to remove as much as I can from all the accessible areas. It is not all over the boat and the most difficult area would be the V Berth, which has no wiring through as far as I can tell, except maybe for the pilot lights in front. I need to check that.
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