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Re: New owner of a Parker Dawson 26 Ketch

I did not duct any heat to the aft cabin. My theory being that I did not want to fritter away any space in my cubbies or where my head needs to be with ducting to get the air back there. Aside from that, I mostly envision it being used to toasty the place up in the mornings or to make the cabin warm and dry for the off watch when sailing in poor conditions. Either case, the aft cabin does not usually fit into what's going on so I put the effort up front.

Stagg's talking about locating his in the water tank locker and piping heat to front and back but I stuck with the location I chose since it's otherwise completely unusable space and makes for a fairly lean install.

It draws a good bit of power on start up probably about a minute total pulling nearly 10 amps as the glow plug gets things going but after that it's pretty easy on the energy. I cannot remember exact numbers but it was not much over 1 amp. You can adjust the heat output up and down fairly effectively. It basically has a little injection pump that pulses in fuel at a set rate. More pulses = more fuel = more heat. Easy peasy.

I thought about the wood stove option, I looked at bulkhead options and we just don't have a good place for that work of stuff on the Dawsons as near as I could see. Besides the little forced air guys really excel at drying things out which I find way more helpful than even lovely radiant heat.

It's supposed to rain cats and dogs over the weekend and I have a long weekend that I plan to sail down to Tangier Island with so perhaps I'll have a complete report when I get back.
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