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Re: What gives you a charge?

I have six 6v flooded cell golf cart batteries in my house bank, two 12v FLA in my start bank and a separate 12v FLA on my anchor winch. My last set of Trojan 105ís lasted just on ten years with nominal maintenance, occasionally showing the tops of the plates and they never gave me any trouble. Consequently I replaced them with US Battery (far less expensive in NZ) of a slightly higher spec.

For charging I have an 80A Hitachi on the engine that does only the start and anchor winch batteries. I also have a big-frame 150A Prestolite alongside a 120A Bosch on a frame in front of the engine. These charge the house bank but can be combined with the start bank if required. These alts have switches to the fields so they can be isolated, run independently or together. Both are on smart regulators.

Then I have a solar array of 280W as a passive input when not on the boat as well as a wind gen that only runs when Iím on the boat. Wind gen is a Rutland so itís low efficiency. It tops out at about 15A but charges from 5kn of wind and itís nice and quiet.

Iím planning before our next trip to the islands next year, another 4 panels (600W) added to the solar array which will zip onto the soft roof over the cockpit. With this Iíll only need the run alternators for high demand appliances (water maker, electric califont, microwave), all normal boat demands will be met by the solar array and wind gen.
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