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Re: Holy Water Levels, Again.

What Arcb said. In Chicago, they announced a 2-year plan about two years ago, to mitigate climate change. New paving is supposed to be done with a porous concrete, which will allow rainwater to seep directly into the ground instead of pooling or running off and flooding low areas. But, porous concrete and other "simple" solutions cost money.
In the last decade as home prices have come back up, every bit of lowland and swamp has been built up, minimal money spent on anything out of sight (like drainage) and between that and a slight weather shift, any plans the ACE made for flood control 50 years ago are totally trashed.
I expect large parts of the US south and east coast will become like Bangladesh: Places that should have been left as swamp, but the only places that poor people could afford to go. So, they will perennially be flooded out. Chicago raised their downtown street level one whole story after the Chicago Fire, to elevate it out of the swamp. Seattle did the same thing in what is now Old Town and Underground Seattle. And apparently Chattanooga did something similar after the Civil War, that's mainly undocumented.
These days people expect the Federal Funding Fairy will pay for it all, but they're getting rude surprises. And this is nothing new, really. There are towns, cities, in Europe that were great ports in the middle ages--and now are miles from the shore. Some continue as vigorous towns. Others, like Venice, are having to make hard choices today.
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