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Re: Solar Ventilation

Originally Posted by trevorharris View Post
Hey all,

I have a Mirage 27' that I'll be living on for the summer. I'm looking to better the ventilation as there is currently nothing on board. I've been looking at the solar vents and I'm hoping someone else has experience with these and could help me.

First, For the size of my boat, would a 3" or 4" be recommend?

Second, should I set it up to blow air in, or suck it out? I'm hesitant to set it up to suck air out because I don't want it to draw air from the engine compartment.

I know that there is more that I could do. Ideally, I'd have two of these, one perhaps blowing in the vee birth hatch, and the other sucking out (in the main cabin). However, I'm going to do this one step at a time.

Alternatively I could have some passive vents with the solar blowing out, I suppose.

Anyway, just bouncing around some ideas and seeing what people have to say.

Hi, I have 3 on my 32 footer, 2 pushing air in and one sucking out. No smells or mould at all on the boat. When I bought the boat it had the three already fitted but they were old nicro that were falling apart so I thought, yeah replace like with like, WRONG, the later nicro really are in my experience absolute POS. Look for something that is fairly well constructed and if possible find creditable product reviews. Rant over.
Anyway, to answer the question, yes they do work but you will need at least two. I have 3 inch size on mine.

Cheers, Uncle Bob the 1st from Sydney Aust.

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