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Re: Buying a small cruiser!

Good observation Jim. I did not realize that Catalina’s “Florida” boats (a.k.a. the “0” boats) had only one rig size whereas the Woodland Hills boats came in a standard and tall rig option. (My Catalina 28 tall rig was a double spreader configuration). There was some literature alluding to a C320 “tall” rig, but I couldn’t find any hard facts. Interestingly, the C320’s rig is almost the size of my 34’s, so I’m wondering if Catalina went to a higher aspect rig to simplify and eliminate the two rig options. This begs the question of what is ratio that determines “high” and “low” aspect rigs? I couldn’t find any definitive answer in my copy of Sailing Yacht Design by Douglas Phillips-Birt.

Peterennis, I ran the C320 and Bene 323 numbers through my comparative database and have come up some interesting observations. Although both are about the same LOA, the C320 is a foot wider, making for a much bigger (and heavier) boat. You will want your other half to really look at the two interiors. If there is insufficient storage space in the C320, you will most likely have the same (or more) problem in the B323. I kind of like the numbers on the B323. If the displacement is anything close to the advertised 9,325#, it should be fun and move in the light air of summer. You have the added benefit of a fin keel for the same draft as the much heavier wing on the Catalina.

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