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Re: What To Take Into Account When Considering A 40+ Year Old Sailboat?

Originally Posted by Dispatch View Post
Since my last post I've looked at so many... boats that weren't even worth going to see and were a total waste of my time, money and efforts in doing so.

With so many boats on the market not selling for years, it's confusing, what would you say is the max you should expect to spend on improving a sailboat of this type and age?

What I mean is, based on what you 'actually will' pay for the boat, is there a maximum percentage (or maximum amount), of that you should not go over for which is too much money to invest to bring it to excellent condition?

Before paying for a professional inspection, how do you determine if a boat is even worth the asking price due to the fact it needs too much to thoroughly fix than it is worth?

How much should you upgrade a sailboat or should you just use it 'as is' if its in usable, bare bones running condition?
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