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Re: Depression and thermostats

Originally Posted by hpeer View Post
Well my summer trip got cancelled. I had planned a solo to Newfoundland to Greenland. I left Lewisporte but had engine problems. I put into St Anthony and made repairs but got delayed for a week waiting for weather. My Wife came up and we made a holiday of it. Cape Norman, at the extreme NW tip of Newfoundland, is quite interesting, especially if you like ďbleak.Ē

I restarted my trip from St Anthony with a nice weather window, it was to be a 6-7 day crossing, thatís a long solo but something Iíve done before. The short story is into the second day the engine crapped out, over heating. I was able to limp home to Lewisporte at idle speed, of course sailing when I could.

What is interesting is that I experienced a deep ( and I mean deep) depression that was induced simply by my physical conditions. There was very little wind and a rough sea-state left over from the storm. The water was between 35-40įF, heavy fog and when it did clear a bit there were bergs. So I was motoring slowly keeping a 15 minute radar watch. Once the weather cleared on the way back I felt much better and had one day that was very pleasurable.

I didnít expect this depression that or even think it possible simply from my physical situation. If I ever attempt this kind of thing again Iíll need to remind myself of this danger and somehow prepare to mitigate it or tolerate it.

But... I learned something about myself and that is worthwhile in itself.

Now my challenge is to figure out the overheating issue. That has me completely stumped. Itís erratic at best. Clearly the t-stat is working, I can see it going up and down. But from 100 to 190įf? Itís a raw water cooled engine and should run at 150įf. In the past few days Iíve seen it run at 100į hours, fast idle at 140 for 1& hours, run perfectly at high idle for a while, run from 120 to 170 and back about every 30 seconds for hours, and run from 100 to 190 and back about once a minute.

To add mystery, when I took the t-stat housing off I found the waterline from the pump to the housing almost completely clogged with a black gritty substance. I rammed a rod down the about 14Ē length of the copper tube and flushed out the buildup. Cranked the engine with no compression and have great water flow. But was left with the above very odd symptoms.

My plan is to drink heavily this weekend and attack the engine Tuesday. Happy Canada Day!

The rapid movement in the gage makes me wonder if there is an electrical fault in the temp gage circuit rather than an actual change in engine temp. Can you get hold of another way to measure the actual engine temperature?
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