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Re: 2019 Sailing Season on the Chesapeake

I had a pretty good long fourth of July weekend out on the boat for once not single handing the entire time.

Left out of Dahlgren July 4th and ended the day tucked up in Lewisetta where I was treated to a pretty good 360 degree fireworks show put on by the local waterfront home owners. Good show!

Had a short day on the 5th coasting down to Reedville where I picked up one of the younger engineers I work with who I am pretty sure thinks "boat" is just a description of 4 door sedans. Spend the night anchored out just by the nicely restored fish stink stack since the dock at crazy crab was being treated to the fish stink from the current fish stink stack.

Stack at Reedville.

Left out on the 6th heading across the bay to Tangier Island. Nothing too much to mention other than the fact it was a dead downwind sail and with following seas creating a nice corkscrewing motion that did not sit well with my passenger. He spent much of the crossing green and wishing for death. He was surprised and pleased to find that once the boat stopped reeling about he quickly recovered and enjoyed the somewhat weird but neat Tangier Island.

My coworker at the helm of East Wind while I prepare lines heading over towards Parks Marina

Stayed overnight at Parks Marina which was a hoot in spite of the fact we took a good bit of well meaning abuse from Mr Parks about not being able to make it into a slip that was a foot shallower than my keel in the tidal currents. It was pretty obvious that he was a little confused and a helpful local pointed out a slip that had enough draft and we slithered right in and spent the rest of the day walking around the island and having a good time.

My crewman was concerned about seasickness on the return trip for obvious reasons but instead was treated to fine weather and smooth sailing back to Reedville with the only hang up being some confusion caused my my Maretron compass deciding to go out of calibration and constantly claim that we were pointed 20 degrees to port which then goofed up all the other math on the electronics. No matter, I caught it right away since I was manually plotting as well and used it as a teaching opportunity.

Dropped my buddy off at Reedville and headed around the point and started up the river towards home.

Finished up the trip the next day doing the old "drive the riding lawnmower to the liquor store" routine hammering my way up the Potomac on the diesel in the still morning air. Wind kicked up making up for the calm morning with a vengeance and before long I was finishing the trip cruising along reefed down making great speed.

All in all a good time.
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