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Re: keel bolt torque

Originally Posted by David Spear View Post
I have a 1981 CS36T. During a recent haulout I saw that there's a hairline crack at the keel/hull joint at the front of the keel. I've owned the boat for close to 10 years and can guarantee that the keel has never hit anything, anyone have ideas as to if I should be worried? I've put a wrench on the keel bolts I can get at - there are 13 of them and at least 2 are underneath the mast step so... tough to access. They are quite large - 1-1/2" nuts - so I doubt I'm getting much torque to them with an 18" long 3/4" drive ratchet. At any rate none of them budged. Is there a method to torquing them that does not involve pulling all floorboards and the mast and hitting them with an industrial-sized air ratchet?

Thanks for any help.
Is the 36t a lead keel? I torqued the bolts on my CS27 a couple years ago. I managed to get a 1/4 turn out of a couple of them. It did it on the hard though, with the boats weight resting on the keel, so I wasn't lifting the keel with the bolt.

My keel is lead, and I had the same small crack in the same spot as you. I think the lead holding the j bolts gets compacted over time from having to suspend the weight. But I will defer to someone with more knowledge, because I am just assuming that is how they are constructed. But in my case my theory appeared to be true and the problem was solved.
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