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Re: What's up with PERKO?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
I'm sorry, but I'd be a lot more concerned with why a 300 amp switch failed on a circuit that has only a deck wash pump on it, than a response you weren't pleased with, especially since it had some pretty important information for you.
As Sandero noted “Faulty connections can get mighty hot.”

The operative, and correct, word in that sentence is FAULTY.

Dear Mr. XXXX:
I am returning the switch as-is. The switch was overloaded and melted the terminal
Gail Mally-Inside Sales Department
The reply is simply putting the blame back on the owner by claiming there was an overload. It seems most folks here recognize that most likely source of the heat was a bad connection. In short Sandero’s response was much more on point than Perko’s.

If not told Perko should have asked about the load. If the load was as low as stated then this is clearly a FAULTY product and one that could start a fire.

I guess one could argue that the “fault” may have been either in the switch (Perko problem) or the connection (Owner problem). But then it would have been nice for Perko to say what they though the problem part was, or say they could not tell.

But then one could argue that the connection material (Holt, nut,washed) was provided by Perko and installed properly.

This is a case of understanding the problem but not the issue. Muddled thinking, which seems to be a human specialty.

Or maybe not, it’s a LEGAL response not admitting any liability but pointing back at the customer.

It’s unlikely there is anything to be done about it, but it still stinks.

FWIW I have issues with RayMarine and especially their tiller pilots. That’s my own little hobby horse about poor product and customer relations.

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