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Re: Safety and security in the Caribbean.

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Ok.... Well... And definitely without my moderators hat on...

In 2010 I went up the gulf of Aden and the Red Sea and we had pirates. Real ones.

When I got to the Caribbean I felt safe as houses. Safe. Very safe.

The difference you feel when 50 miles off Somalia and in the Caribbean islands is so different it's utterly laughable.

When I started reading the Caribbean Safety Networks stuff about stolen unlocked dinghies I realised what BS they were . I had just defied murdering extremists to be plunged into a tepid bay of dinghy theft fear.

The Caribbean is as safe as it gets. Please do not read the exacerbating BS. Listen to the local info... If you need to drive overnight from Trinidad to Grenada with no light then DO It. It's only 70 miles. It's not the 1,600 nms I had to go.
If you have to lock your dinghy up what's the price of a padlock? $10?

Please don't listen to "security networks".
Use your own brain.
It's all about life experience. I've found that fear is the inverse of risk experienced.

In my opinion Americans have an overactive sense of fear due to the media.

Visit some of the less attractive parts of the world where the real shooting is happening and you'll come away with your sense of "danger" re-calibrated and an enhanced ability to sense when something's not right.


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