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Re: Visas to USA new Medical Insurance requirements 2019

Our chief executive thinks the Central American immigrants read the daily paper on their pads. Believes this this will decrease immigration. The impact on cruising sailors is unintentional blowby. Unfortunately you arenít a sufficient economic driver to be meaningful in the big picture so donít expect this to change anything.
Would however note behavior both I and my wife have experienced for decades now. A person is diagnosed with an illness requiring expensive care. They fly to the US and upon getting off the plane ďsuddenly ď have an acute flair. Given any hospital or physician who takes Medicare/Medicaid is required by law to treat whoever walks through the door in acute need and at least stabilize them while making fiscal arrangements for continued care so these people get admitted. You canít discharge them until itís safe to do so. My wife worked in a neonatal unit. These people and their new offspring would cost tens of thousands of dollars per individual per day. I would see similar behavior in my field. The whole thing snowballs as the primary caregiver isnít able to work so subsidies follow including to the rest of the family unit that travelled in with the individual who needed care. Typically it isnít an uneducated indigent population but rather middle class or upper middle class working this scenario. Theyíre rules to prevent women near the end of term from getting on a plane to visit the US. They are impossible to follow.
Once the index case is cured, or pregnancy delivered and child no longer requires expensive neonatal care they leave back to their home country. Our tax payer dollars and scarce icu beds are used to continue this behavior. In short we are being ďgamedĒ. It does cost us significant money. Itís an intelligent way to behave if youíre a sick foreigner and canít get services in your home country.
This rule change is a clumsy fix to a real problem. As usual heís playing to his crowd not doing the heavy lifting to really address the issue intelligently.

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