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Re: Installing new engine

Yes, what works for you, certainly, follow it.
But would you change all the hoses, the impeller, and all the seals on an engine that has never been used?
Remember that if anyone claims that the hoses are degraded, then all the seals will be too.
Would you change out all the engine seals - all of them - as some sort of PM campaign on an engine that has never been used?
Have you ever tried removing the crankshaft seals to see how much work that is? And when you put it together again, does anyone claim that they can do a better job than the assembly line?
These engines DETEST being disturbed like that.
Wait until the first oil drips start - where previously there were none - then get back to us with this all-encompassing "PM" approach.
To me, that is beyond comprehension - just, like, out of it, somewhere.
Start it, run it, heat it up, bollard test it, wobble the hoses, get out the magnifying glass, and make your decisions, but to throw usable hoses and impellers and seals in the bin every five years and to dig out all of the engine seals starting with an engine that has never been used????
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