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Re: when storing an engine, unused, please...

Things do not look good, and to have to break it is a pity as there is very little wrong with it otherwise.

And all for want of just the occasional rotation of the crank![/QUOTE]

All is NOT lost. The prime caution is: DO NOT ***FORCE*** the crankshaft or you will risk breaking your piston rings. Suggestion: 'soak' the cylinders with a table spoon of "Marvel Mystery Oil" or other 'penetrating oil', in each cylinder every few day and GENTLY Rock the crankshaft (nose bolt) back and forth with a socket on a long breaker bar .... it may take some time (days or weeeks) to break loose so dont lose patience. DO NOT Force, DO NOT USE the STARTER until the engine is FREE to spin.

Once loose and relatively easy to turn ... by HAND, start engine AT NO LOAD speed, change oil with a mix of oil ansd 1/4 Marvel Mystery Oil ..... let idle (NO LOAD) while increasing rpm over several HOURS in order to repolish the cylinder walls, piston ring grooves etc. PATIENCE - do nnot rush and do not FORCE.

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