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Re: Sailing failures

Well this thread seems to have evolved into why we like cold weather or no! For the record, love the snow and snow sports though last season cost me with a season ending injury that also took out much of sailing season. Still not 100% and may never be but will be back on the snow again and also heading to the boat this week. We gave up sailing decades ago to raise family, career and if boat ownership is ever considered foolish, try buying a small farm, then go into debt against it in retirement to start a new family business, oh and buy that sailboat of our dreams from 1989 when we first quit sailing. I had always dreamed of cruising around the world since reading Robin Lee Grahams book The Voyage of Dove. We have the boat that could do it, small by today's standards but not from the days of our youth, the Pardeys, etc. The dream is still alive but realize we have made our berth and now have become accepting of it. An earlier post speaks to his wife not being prepared anymore to go, we find ourselves there now as well. Almost three decades away from sailing also means we never developed the muscle memory for what to do in all situations and are still relearning. It is ok, simply being aboard our boat brings contentment and satisfaction that a least part of our plan did happen, Interlude came into our lives. Alfred Lord Tennyson's quote about love can certainly be subsided for dreams, as it is truly better to have dreamed and lost than to never have dreamed at all. We are better for it, and as the OP first questioned about stories of failure, no it is not a failure it didn't happen, failure is never having a dream or trying. Ya never know though, we spent much time one recent morning while at a marina in Annapolis talking with a couple on their boat, much like ours, who were getting ready to leave for points south and eventually a Pacific crossing. They were about our age, so there go many of the excuses! Meanwhile also getting ready to dust off the skis and snowboards!
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