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Re: Anchoring single handed whilst hove to?

Originally Posted by Arcb View Post
Fun topic.

I shot a Youtube video on this very subject this summer but haven't gotten around to editing it yet. My boat is cat rigged, so no jib, but no big deal.

I am talking about a small boat (21ft) with a small anchor here.

So what I do, roughly is.

Heave to

Get everything set up. I use mostly rope with a bit of chain. I take a half turn around my bow cleat then bring the anchor back to my cockpit, run free and outboard of everything. I then run the other end of the anchor line back to a cleat on my coach house roof.

Then I chuck the anchor over the side and take the lashing off the tiller, allowing the boat to sit back on the anchor line and set the anchor. I use an imitation Bruce btw. Once everything is set ish, I walk up to the bow and take a bit of slack out of the line and cleat it off to my bow cleat and remove it from the cleat on my coach house roof.

Once I am done my tea/soup/nap. I reverse the process, starting by raising the sail, then heaving to, then retreiving the anchor, then finally removing the lashing from the tiller and sailing away.
Thanks. I'd love to see the video. Do you find that when it's time to retrieve the anchor the raised sail and the leeway makes it difficult to retrieve? Do you try to sail up to it first?
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