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Re: Anchoring single handed whilst hove to?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
I can't see any reason at all why anyone would want to heave to when anchoring. It is totally counter productive to the maneuver of anchoring. We sail onto our anchor quite often. As we tack up to the anchorage on our yankee jib alone, we usually take a few wraps on it at each tack so we barely have a handkerchief of cloth when I turn head to wind to drop the anchor. When all forward motion is off the boat the anchor is payed out and Skipping Stone's bow begins to fall off, I roll up the remainder of the yankee and my wife tends the anchor. At the appropriate scope she locks up the windlass and puts on the snub and were done with anchoring and sail furling.
Were one to heave to, I don't see how you would fall back to let out scope or put enough pressure on the anchor tackle to set the pick.
Sounds like you are not attempting to anchor single handed. I usually sail single handed. My wife isn't available to tend the anchor like yours is unfortunately. Count yourself fortunate.

If one were to heave to, presumably the one knot of leeway one would have would fall back and set the anchor. Again, the problem I see is that once the anchor sets the boat might tack. So one would have to lower the sails expeditiously.

As I said, I like heaving to when I need to reef, start the motor, get ready to dock etc etc.... I can stop everything and do the next tasks one at a time. I thought the same might apply to anchoring.
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