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Re: Anchoring single handed whilst hove to?

Originally Posted by patrickbryant View Post
This is the method I use:

1. Heave to.
2. Drop the anchor off the windward side of the stern beside the cockpit. I store my 250 feet of anchor rode in a random heap in my stern locker in a laundry basket, along with the anchor and chain.
3. As soon as the 25 feet of anchor chain passes over the side, I pass the (fiber) rode through a snatch block.
4. I haul the anchor rode to the bow. A hauling line attaches to the snatch block that runs up to a bow skein chock (inboard of the shrouds), through the chock and back to the the snatch block (outboard of the shrouds) at the stern, in a loop.
5. I let out the appropriate length of rode, and then snub it off on the jibsheet horn cleat (at the stern).
6. The forward/downwind motion of the hove to boat (the motion is about 1 unit downwind for every 2 units forward) sets the anchor.
I’ve anchored without need of an engine and without ever leaving my seat in the cockpit.
I don't get how the above actually works. The above explains how to get the anchor and line down to the bottom, but it does not explain how you set the anchor once it is down. To me there are two serious flaws in this approach.

The first I have mentioned which is that hove-to the boat is moving sidewards too slowly to be able to properly set an anchor.

But probably the more critical is what happens once the anchor is down. In other words, when the anchor and chain is on the bottom, at least on my boat, the friction and weight are enough to pull the bow head to wind and onto the next tack even if the anchor is not set. Now you are on the next tack with the jib and main full and a bunch of anchor line out. If you drop or furl the jib, before the boats comes up into the wind and onto the next tack, you are caught beam to the wind without the jib to stop the boat, so you will be sailing with a full mainsail perpendicular to the anchor rode. If you ease the jib sheet, you are in exactly the same position. Dropping the mainsail with the wind perpendicular to it would be very difficult and would result in the bow trying to turn down wind and risk fouling the anchor rode on the keel.

As I noted above, it would seem to make absolutely no sense to try to anchor when hove to. It just makes things much harder to do.
I will also note, that despite the title of the YouTube video, that boat is not hove to since it never loses its bow wave and forward motion. More accurately it is forereaching and again. I am not clear how you anchor when you are forereaching.


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