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Re: Anchoring single handed whilst hove to?

Originally Posted by matthewwhill View Post
Patrickbryant- this is fantastic! My questions:

Is the anchoring load on the chock, the line looped to the snatch block, the snatch block itself, or the anchor rode and the cleat at the stern? Or a combination of those?

If a part of the load is born by the snatch block is it strong enough?

If a part of the load is on the stern cleat will this pull that part of the stern forward toward the anchor?
The entire load is on the anchor rode and jibsheet cleat. The only load on the snatch block and loop is the load needed to haul the rode to the bow from the cockpit (the stern quarter) while initially anchoring when the anchor has not yet been set, and to haul the rode back to the cockpit after the anchor has been unset. While anchored, all of the load passes through the anchor rode that runs parallel to the loop and snatch block. Of course, the jibsheet cleat has to be sufficiently robust to carry the anchor loads, and I've chosen a robust snatch block rated at 5,000 pounds- just in case. (

One other advantage of this method is the ability to use a jibsheet winch to take in the anchor rode. Naturally, all of the components involved: bow skein chock, snatch block, winch and cleat must be robust enough to do the job.

Since there is no angular difference between the anchor rode passing through the bow skein chock and the loop (the lines are parallel) while the anchor is set, there is no yawing tendency caused by the loop. I'll take some photos of the setup this weekend and post them here.

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