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Re: Sailing La Vegabond

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Obviously someone still reads it with 3,000,000 subscribers in the US.
So I guess that metric means they donít miss some of you canceling your subscriptions
Lots of dentists waiting areas....

The problem with any printed media is that by the time the information is gathered, written, edited, printed, and distributed, it's OLD news compared with what's available for free online. By the time you read it in a printed magazine, the story has moved on and what you are reading is often no longer very relevant. How do you sell that? Even with all the free copies that are sent out, and the dentists and doctors office waiting rooms, I'm pretty surprised that they send out three million copies.

I also wonder that all these print publications, from the NY Times to printed magazines like Time, most of which have a distinctly liberal editorial slant and regularly pay homage to all the PC deities, including those involving the environment, manage to justify the tremendous amount of forest that has to be cut down, the nasty chemicals used to process those trees into paper, and the fossil fuels it takes to distribute the printed copies far and wide. They cause all that impact to the environment to produce something that they know will become trash in a week or less and they repeat it every day (or week), while constantly expressing concern about climate change and other environmental issues. It seems to me that if they really believed in what they print about these subjects, they'd cease printing hard copies and disseminate their information online only. Their failure to do that and their continuing to crank out millions of hard copies every day that they know will become pollution by the next day tells us what their top priority really is. I support their right to make a buck any legal way they can, but just wish they'd lose their holier than thou attitude and be a little more honest about what REALLY matters most to them, $$$.
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