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Re: Coppercoat Application, Screw Up or Did I Do Okay

Originally Posted by colemj View Post
When asked about the painted bottom, the diver said there was a bit of heavy slime that wiped off easily with a sponge, quite a bit of barnacles at the leading edge of the bows, keels, and rudders (these have always been the spots that lose paint the fastest on the boat), and only a smattering of barnacles around the hulls themselves. The diver did both boats, and said the Coppercoated boat was much worse than the painted one.
This is as close to a scientific, side-by-side comparison of any anti fouling coatings that I have ever come across. And it 100% supports what I have long said about Coppercoat- that it releases so little biocide that it is ineffective in areas that experience moderate to high fouling. It simply doesn't have the horsepower to do as good a job as even a worn-out mid-range ablative.
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