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Re: Coppercoat Application, Screw Up or Did I Do Okay

Originally Posted by overthehorizon View Post

Normally, scenes should be 3 to 5 seconds, to keep ones attention.
I beg to differ, quite vehemently. Maybe that is the case in a sitcom but not in a video that is supposed to inform the viewer about how to perform a certain procedure, at least if the procedure takes more than 3-5 seconds. I don't say that you have to show 9 hours of you guys painting the bottom but I don't see a serious 'How to' video as shallow entertainment with scenes never longer than 5 seconds.

Please do not underestimate the attention span of at least some of your viewers. If something takes a minute to do, and it is necessary to show this for a minute to understand what is going on, please do so instead of interrupting it by 'filler material' to keep every scene under 5 seconds. Maybe you lose some viewers that come for the entertainment value but you don't do a favor to those that are really interested in what you are trying to do.

Thank you.
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