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Re: Best Eastern Seaboard State for Sales Tax

Originally Posted by john61ct View Post
Voting should be required of every citizen...
Getting way off topic, but I take the contrary view on this.

I know it is "common wisdom" that everyone should vote. I disagree. People who care about what is happening, who care about the issues, who take the time to understand what is going on in the world and how their government is operating, do NOT need to be told to get out and vote. They are going to do it all on their own. Heck! You probably couldn't STOP them from voting.

So these "get out the vote" efforts, and any laws that might require people to vote, are only going to end up putting a bunch of people who are uninformed, and don't care, into the voting booth. I don't really think it does any good at all for a bunch of completely uninformed people to cast votes based on God knows what sort of arbitrary criteria. I'd much rather they just stayed home on election day.

What is needed is some way to get people to care, and to get people to inform themselves. Then they would vote without any prompting. How to do that, I have no idea.

My two cents worth.
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