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I too struggle with this because my trailer sailing days we're lots of fun and I think we went on really great adventures and travelled further simply because we could haul the boat up and down the Florida coast and find the closest marina in the area, splash her and then after usually, a full day of getting things ready we were off on a great family vacay.

Trailer sailors are the fastest boats on earth. I've had mine up past sixty five knots! Lol

Now that I'm on a slightly larger boat I'm parked in the marina where I pay what I consider to be huge dock fees. Now I have a totally different mindset. Most of the time I spend on my boat is at the dock rather than sailing it. And it has become as said, a little cottage where I can hang out with fellow sailors, do maintenance which I like and take her on relatively short sails. .

One does both enjoy and suffer from boat envy in a marina though.
Sometimes it can make you feel a little less adequate when the guy across from you has a bigger boat and taller stick.

But I just tell myself yeah, but he doesnt seem to sail his as much as I do mine. Sheesh! How can some people afford a brand new Benatau?

And they can't do 65 knots on a regular basis. ;/
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