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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Sexism is prevalent for both genders.
Men and women gravitating to one sport/chore/event is more complicated than genes. Men and women are encouraged by parents, friends, society, etc to behave a certain way. And it starts the moment they leave the womb.

A pink hat goes on the newborn girl. A blue hat goes on the newborn boy. Little boys have their rooms decorated in blue with super heroes, cars and planes. Girls get pink rooms with dolls and stuffed animals.
Boys are dressed in pants and shirts and when they dirty their pants, adults roll their eyes saying "boys will be boys". Girls get dresses and are scolded for getting dirty.
Boys get footballs, boats and toy trucks to play with. Girls get dolls which they dress. Sometimes they are baby dolls that they feed, practice changing diapers, etc. They get pretty hair ties and toy makeup.

Eventually they align with the roles given to them via positive and negative reinforcement from society, parents, friends, etc as well as them observing those of the same gender. It continues throughout life where both genders are encouraged to act one way, discouraged to act another. It comes from parents, TV shows, friends, movies, commercials.
You end up with men who "aren't sensitive" (which I think men in general are more sensitive than women are-breakups are incredibly rough on them) and women who "are afraid to get dirty". Or men who "can't cook" and women who "can't do math". All ridiculous assertions. Men are perfectly able to cook. Women are perfectly able to do math. It's been proven over and over again that men and women are equally good cooking and at math. Men are sensitive otherwise they'd be robots. Women are perfectly capable of getting dirty.
You know, in a study, math and science scores went down for girls when it was suggested before a test that girls weren't as good in math and science as boys were. Nothing had changed except for someone planting a seed of doubt. Yet girls are constantly bombarded with things like that.

This shirt says it all.

^And some girls/women would be proud to wear that.

Think about your child. How upset would you be knowing someone was causing your child to doubt themselves, cause their scores to lower, cause them to neglect skills they have by whispering such ugly things to them? Well, it happens everywhere, every day, all of the time and not many are aware of it.

Occasionally you find someone who shrugs all of the outside influences, tomboys and such. By the way, what is the equivalent term for men? What do you call a man who wants to sew or cook dinner? Doesn't it say a lot that most terms you'd call a man with interests familiar to women are derogatory? So lets not forget what men go through.

Men are subject to such ridicule if they show anything other than what society deems men should and unfortunately are not offered the same protection women available to women for it.
A man who honestly considers his wife or girlfriend's thoughts is "whipped" or she's "got his balls in her purse". If they cry then they're a pansy. If they want to bake a cake, then people call him a homo in a derogatory way. It's gotten even worse for them because TV shows and commercials are picturing them as complete idiots who are barely able to tie their own shoes without the instruction of a woman. And I can't tell you how many conversations strange women start with me to break the ice about "their stupid husband". I always think "Well, you married him so I guess that makes two idiots."
So you see, both sides are subject. These days, I think men might have it worse.

If you really study society, you'll get disgusted by all of the outside influences stripping people of both genders of their individuality because these influences are so incredibly powerful.

Until society, family, friends, stop putting pressure on both sexes to act a certain way, we'll never be rid of it. That won't happen until people decide they've had enough with being put into a box.

Is sailing sexist? No.

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